Puppet Stew – Indonesian Puppetry Project with Raploch Primary School Stirling

This was a 6 week project introducing children to Indonesian Wayang Golek rod puppets and the gamelan and gave the children an insight into the fascinating culture surrounding  this ancient artform.   The children in the group were from a variety of backgrounds, Scottish, Romanian, Nigerian, Kenyan, English, Bangladesh and Ukraine and had never heard of Indonesia before.  The children were inspired by the Dhalangs who so skilfully manipulated the puppets and learnt how to make their own puppets and create stories around them.  Puppet Stew were impressed by the children’s creativity and resourcefulness and their interest in learning about a different culture.  The project culminated in an Assembly at the school where the children showed their puppets and talked in detail about how they made them, and a little about Indonesian Puppetry too.