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WOMAD Foundation New Funding Scheme

“Training and Professional Development Bursaries for Artists and Festival Production Crew”

WOMAD Site Crew, Charlton Park

WOMAD and the WOMAD Foundation are concerned by the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the arts sector in the UK. Among the hardest hit have been festivals and events. All UK festivals were cancelled in 2020, with WOMAD itself having four festivals around the world cancelled this year.

As a result of the crisis,  thousands of people lost their years work and are without an income for the foreseeable future. Very few have benefited from Government support packages.  

In response to this crisis, the WOMAD Foundation is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity “The Training and Professional Development Bursary Scheme” aimed at festival production crew and artists.

We are sad to announce that the WOMAD Foundation Training Bursary Programme has now been closed.  This is due to the very large volume of applications that have been received, and the total sum of funds requested significantly exceeding the available amount.  We are still hoping to raise more funds to reduce the number of disappointed applicants, and will be notifying successful applicants in the coming weeks

Funds are very limited and so we would urge anyone who wants to help artists and crew through this difficult time to donate to the WOMAD Foundation, so that we can help as many people as possible.
Help us to help more people. Please donate to the WOMAD Foundation here

WOMAD Foundation Project Funding

Alongside the Bursary Scheme, the WOMAD Foundation will continue to support projects and this year the Foundation is particularly interested in receiving applications for project funding  that aim to support and work with groups that have been disproportionally affected by COVID 19, where the arts bring people together, to enrich lives and to change perceptions.

We welcome applications from groups that work with older people, adults and children with special needs, BAME communities, asylum seekers and migrants, people living and working in prisons, hospitals, social care establishments and schools with a high rate of eligibility for free school meals.

Past Projects

Sounding Bath: Forest of imagination

The Forest of Imagination created the ‘Sounding Bath Project’ in Bath June 2019.  This project was a collaboration between the composer Stevie Wishart and researcher Richard White which enabled people to engage with interactive sound-making on a guided walk through Bath.

Music for Wellness

Music for Wellness delivered six workshops at Davidson’s Mains Primary School in Edinburgh, featuring refugee musicians from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Chile. 

Music Action International

WOMAD Foundation funding was used to deliver Harmonise – a national schools programme inspiring empathy between refugees and children from all backgrounds , improving wellbeing and fostering understanding.

AMJ and Toto La Momposina: Musical Adventure

The Foundation is proud to have supported an inspiring project organised by Astar Artes which is a collaboration between Toto La Momposina, AMJ Collective and Bristol schools, based at May Park Primary School.


The mission of the WOMAD foundation is to create opportunities for cultural exchange and learning. We strive to bring the arts of different cultures to the widest possible audience by developing arts education and creative learning projects. Over the past 30 years our work has benefited over 200,000 people worldwide.