WOMAD Bursary

WOMAD Foundation Training and Professional Development Bursaries for Artists and Festival Production Crew

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts and entertainment industry has been devastating. Thousands of self-employed people lost a year’s work almost overnight. At WOMAD many of our crew have worked with us for decades, many of our artists scrape a living touring the world for minimum return.

It is difficult to know what WOMAD can do to help the people we rely on in these difficult times when the festival itself faces enormous challenges and has already lost four festivals around the world, including the UK, since the pandemic was declared.

We know how skilled our teams are, how transferable many of their skills are to other industries and environments. We thought that one thing we could do to help was create a fund to support our community in gaining training to increase their chances of employment at a time when it is opportunities to show their considerable talents that they desperately need.

Please see below some examples of what you could apply for support for including – Training in associated skills including but not exclusive to:
• IT
• Autocad
• Plant Licence
• Marketing
• Electrical training
• Becoming a trainer/teacher
• HGV Licence
• Achieving a personal licence
• Audience Development
• Rigging
• Safety (NCRQ)
• Excel
• Bookkeeping
• Trailer towing
• Attending an industry conference
• Cultural sector training
• Support for a work experience/internship opportunity


For successful applicants, the WOMAD Foundation can fund up to 90% of the costs of training course fees, travel and accommodation costs related to attending training, and other costs related to professional development.

Bursary funds are limited and unfortunately, we will not be able to support every application. Bursaries of up to £2,000 are available (inclusive of VAT). Individuals can only receive a maximum of £2,000. Applications are limited to one bursary per person or organisation.

We are sad to announce that the WOMAD Foundation Training Bursary Programme has now been closed.  This is due to the very large volume of applications that have been received, and the total sum of funds requested significantly exceeding the available amount.  We are still hoping to raise more funds to reduce the number of disappointed applicants so please do contribute if you are able to here.  Successful applicants will be notified in the coming weeks.