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Sotho Sounds

This six week residency with a group of young musicians/shepherds from Malealea, Lesotho in Southern Africa, demonstrated the inventiveness and musicality of a group of young people, who, without access to instruments or education, create their own instruments and compose their own melodies and vocal harmonies. Workshops with students in the UK were refreshing in their approach, inspiring and fun. Sotho Sounds returned home with a range of instruments to add to their repertoire including an accordion, violin and guitar.

In my experience of collaborations such as these, this project was absolutely superb and gives me faith that high quality, passionate music-making with the young is possible

Nick Spollen The Rhythm Project

I have worked with the group for two weeks and every time the drum beats my heart skips and the melody of the guitar and violin carries me up into the clouds where I feel free. I have never before seen such raw simplicity and beauty of talent that Sotho Sounds express. I wished the experience would never end and the friendship that has started will remain for many years.

Year 9 Student Sir James' Smiths School

  Jul 18, 2016   admin