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Endless Journey

This tour brought four musicians from Niger into the UK. WF worked with Alhousseini Anavolla, Bammo Agonla, Mamane Barka and Oumarou Adamou to prepare a residency sharing music, culture and their life experiences with young people in school. Each musician came from a different ethnic group in Niger and between them they spoke seven languages. Alhousseini and Bammo are nomads with no formal education and the group emphasised the value of an oral tradition which encompassed story telling, singing, conversation and debate.

"Brilliant recommend this to anyone, hands on workshops, excellent communication. Thanks for bringing the world into our school."

Peter Graham, Booker Avenue Junior School Liverpool

"A real sense of wonder seeing the kids so entranced by this amazing group."

Kate Howard, Hood Manor Steiner School, Devon

  Jul 13, 2012   admin