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Creative Learning

Through our creative learning programme, we train and prepare artists to lead educational workshops or residencies in schools, colleges and community settings and provide culturally specific resources to support this work. This programme is both practical and innovative leading to a wider understanding of how musical diversity can inform and support a global perspective within the curriculum.

Twilight sessions with teachers in schools, create opportunities for discussion and debate, looking at the role of music and the arts within a primary and secondary setting.

Regular contribution to University's courses offer opportunities for participation and learning with artists and professionals beyond the teaching profession.

Leading CPD sessions for teachers and youth workers alongside visiting artists, we are able to bring new skills and approaches to music making and musical collaboration demonstrating the significant role that music plays within societies around the world.

Contribution to international seminars on music, arts and education deliver new approaches and current research findings. Through all our global links, music and the visual arts remain a source of inspiration nourishing creativity and the imagination.

We have created resources which support the following artists:

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